Collutori: La Guida Essenziale per la Salute Orale

Mouthwashes: The Essential Guide to Oral Health

Mouthwashes: The Essential Guide for Oral Health

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Section Contents
Introduction Role of mouthwash in oral hygiene
Different Types of Mouthwash Overview of various functions: fresh breath, antibacterial, fluoridated, and more
Mouthwashes for Specific Needs Targeted solutions for issues like sensitivity, gingivitis, cavities, and whitening
Instructions for Use How to use to maximize effectiveness
Curiosities and Myths about Mouthwashes What is true and what is not about the use of mouthwashes
Conclusion Summary of the provided advice, invitation to discover the products


We at Promis are aware of the importance of proper oral hygiene for overall health and the fundamental role that mouthwash can play in this area. A hug for your entire mouth, mouthwash helps complete daily cleaning and can have multiple functions depending on its formulation. Discover our variety of oral hygiene products for more information​`​.

Different Types of Mouthwash and Their Functions

The market offers a wide range of mouthwashes, each with specific properties; some are aimed at ensuring fresh breath, others have antibacterial properties or are enriched with fluoride to prevent cavity formation. Here at Promis, we are particularly proud of our "promis wash", a natural and organic mouthwash rich in vitamins A, C, and E, designed for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

promis wash Natural and Organic Mouthwash

Mouthwashes for Specific Needs

Every mouth is unique, which is why we offer specific solutions for particular needs such as dental sensitivity, gum problems, or the quest for a whiter smile. Proper information can guide you in choosing the mouthwash that best suits your needs. Visit our dedicated section to find the product that is right for you​​.

Instructions for Using Mouthwash

Using mouthwash correctly is simple: rinse your mouth after brushing for at least 30 seconds, without missing any corners. Remember that it does not replace regular brushing or flossing, but complements it.

Curiosities and Myths to Debunk about Mouthwashes

Many believe that mouthwash can replace brushing, but this is one of the myths to debunk. Proper use involves a combination of all oral hygiene practices, including the adoption of good dental floss, like our "promis floss", which helps remove food residues and plaque in areas that are difficult to reach with brushing alone.

promis floss Eco-friendly Dental Floss


We have illustrated the added value of mouthwashes in the oral hygiene routine and provided some tips on how to choose them based on your specific needs. We invite you to discover our complete range of products in our catalog online for an informed and personalized choice​​.

We hope these guidelines help you make the right choice for your oral hygiene, maximizing the health of your mouth. Visit Promis for a comprehensive overview of our oral hygiene products and much more.

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