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Gum Care: Effective Treatments to Stop Bleeding

Gum Care: Effective Treatments to Stop Bleeding

Key Points Table

Effective Treatments Description
Correct Brushing Use of eco-friendly brushes to reduce irritation.
Natural Dental Gel Specialized gel for the prevention of tartar and cavities.
Natural Mouthwash Vitamins and natural elements for gum health.


Bleeding gums are a sign that should not be ignored, as they can indicate more serious issues such as gingivitis or periodontitis. At Promis, we are committed to providing effective solutions to treat and prevent this discomfort and improve oral health.

Correct Brushing Techniques

Proper daily brushing plays a crucial role in preventing gum bleeding. We recommend using eco-friendly brushes, such as our promis brush single SOFT | MORBIDO, designed to clean gently and minimize gum irritation.

Eco-friendly Promis Brush

For more options, visit our Brush Collection.

Natural Dental Gel

Dental gel is an important addition to the oral cleaning routine. Our promis gel is formulated to fight tartar formation and protect against cavities with natural ingredients.

Promis Gel

Explore the Anti-Tartar Gel Collection to find the product that suits you best.

Natural Mouthwash

A quality mouthwash is essential for maintaining healthy gums. The promis wash, enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, supports daily oral health and prevents gum problems.

Promis Wash Mouthwash

Check out the Mouthwash and Dental Floss Collection for more details on our gum care products.


To effectively prevent and treat bleeding gum problems, it is essential to follow a consistent oral hygiene routine and use proven products. Visit Promis to discover a complete selection of dedicated products, designed to meet every oral health need. Your gum health is our priority.

This article provides concrete and direct information on the available treatments for bleeding gums, using simple and effective language, and incorporates product images and internal links in a relevant and natural way.

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