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Bleeding Gums: What to Do? Our Guide

Key Points Description
Causes Aggressive cleaning, inadequate brush, inflammation, infections
Treatments and Remedies Proper oral hygiene, dental floss, mouthwash, professional dental care
Preventive Measures Oral hygiene routine, regular dentist visits, use of suitable dental products
Lifestyle Healthy diet, control of harmful habits like smoking
Next Steps Maintain a healthy smile with good hygiene and regular check-ups

Introduction to the problem of bleeding gums

We at Promis have noticed that bleeding gums are a common issue that concerns many of our customers. This phenomenon can be a sign of various conditions, from simple irritation caused by overly vigorous dental cleaning to more serious periodontal diseases.

How to identify the causes of bleeding gums

Various causes can lead to bleeding gums. Incorrect or excessive use during cleaning, such as overly vigorous brushing with an inadequate brush, can be one of these causes. Other times, it is a symptom of gum inflammation or infection. Addressing the root cause is essential to finding an effective solution.

For optimal but gentle cleaning, we recommend our "SOFT eco-friendly brush" from our selection of brushes. SOFT Eco-friendly Brush | SOFT

Treatment options and remedies

An appropriate oral hygiene regimen is essential to combat bleeding gums. Including the use of dental floss in your daily routine and regularly replacing your brush will help maintain a healthy mouth. In some cases, professional treatments from a dentist may be necessary.

Preventive measures to maintain healthy gums

In terms of prevention, we recommend adopting a consistent and thorough oral hygiene routine. It is essential to choose the right products for your oral care, such as our "natural dental gel" to help prevent tartar and cavities, available in our consumables section. Natural dental gel against tartar and cavity formation

Lifestyle and bleeding gums

Embracing a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on gum health. Reducing or eliminating harmful habits like smoking and following a balanced diet are actions we should all consider for our oral well-being.

Conclusion and next steps

Gum health is an aspect that should never be neglected. Following a personal care routine, integrating the use of products like our "natural and organic mouthwash" with vitamins, and regularly consulting the dentist are fundamental practices for a healthy smile.

Regularly visiting the dentist and maintaining good daily oral hygiene is the key to preventing the problem of bleeding gums. Do not hesitate to learn more about our subscription kits for a complete and convenient solution.

A holistic approach that considers the causes, treatments, and preventive practices is crucial to successfully addressing the problem of bleeding gums. Always remember: prevention is the best cure.

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