Informazioni specifiche sulle gengive gonfie e doloranti

Specific information about swollen and painful gums

Specific Information on Swollen and Sore Gums

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Swollen Gums: Causes and Natural Remedies

Key Points:

  • Causes: Poor oral hygiene, medications, infections, diseases.
  • Symptoms: Swelling, redness, pain, bleeding.
  • Solutions: Promis Gel, Promis Paste without fluoride, Promis Wash.
  • Prevention: Oral hygiene, medical check-ups, lifestyle.

Swollen and sore gums are a common ailment that can turn into a serious problem if not treated properly. We at Promis are here to provide you with all the necessary information and recommend organic products that can help you.

The causes of gum swelling are numerous and often linked to improper oral hygiene. Other times, gums can become inflamed due to infections, the use of certain medications, or chronic diseases such as diabetes. It is essential to identify the cause to intervene in a targeted and effective manner.

Associated Symptoms

The symptoms associated with swollen gums are not limited to discomfort: redness, pain to the touch, and bleeding during normal oral cleaning routines can signal gingivitis or other conditions not to be underestimated.


To treat inflamed gums, we recommend adopting a careful and consistent oral hygiene routine, using specially formulated products.

Promis Gel

Our natural dental gel helps prevent tartar and cavity formation without irritating the gums.

Promis Gel

Promis Paste without fluoride

Our eco-friendly organic toothpaste offers a bright smile and gentle gum care.

Promis Paste without fluoride

Promis Wash

Don't forget the importance of a soothing mouthwash like our Promis Wash, which contains vitamins A, C, and E to provide relief to sensitive gums.

Promis Wash


Prevention revolves around proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Make regular visits to the dentist and pay attention to your diet, avoiding smoking and other harmful behaviors.

Remember that caring for your mouth is our primary concern. For complete support, discover our range of toothbrushes and other oral hygiene products on Promis Toothbrushes and Promis Mouthwash and Dental Floss.

Solving problems related to swollen gums is possible with a holistic approach and the use of high-quality natural products. Choose Promis for a healthy smile and a well-cared-for mouth in every detail.

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