Inizia il tuo percorso verso un'igiene orale eco-friendly

Start your journey towards eco-friendly oral hygiene



Key Point Explanation
Choose Sustainable Materials Use bamboo brushes and toothpaste in recyclable packaging.
Regular Dental Visits They are essential to prevent oral emergencies and diseases.
Minimize Waste Switch to biodegradable oral hygiene products like dental floss.
Oral Health = General Health Maintaining good oral hygiene contributes to overall well-being.
Engage in the Community Participate in forums on eco-sustainable oral hygiene practices.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Oral Care

Understanding the link between our oral hygiene and the well-being of the planet is the first step. A simple gesture like choosing an ecological brush or a toothpaste without harmful substances can have a significant impact.

Products to Get Started

  1. Promis Sustainable Brush: Its soft bristles and sustainable materials ensure effective and environmentally friendly teeth cleaning!

    Promis Sustainable Brush

  2. Promis Fluoride-Free Paste: Deep cleaning with natural ingredients.

    Promis Fluoride-Free Paste

Regular Dental Visits and Positive Impact

Do not neglect dental visits! Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for our general health.

Community Participation

Join forums and online communities to share and discover tips on how to maintain sustainable oral hygiene.

Next Steps

Exploring the Promis oral hygiene product collections is a great way to start your journey towards sustainability, with the assurance of using products that are both effective and environmentally friendly.


Every action counts when it comes to sustainability. Choosing eco-friendly oral hygiene products is not only beneficial for your health but also contributes to the health of our planet. It's time to act, with small steps towards a more conscious life.

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