Innovazione e Sostenibilità nella Cura Orale

Innovation and Sustainability in Oral Care

Key Points

Aspect Details
Sustainability in oral care Growing importance, impact on environment and health
Success stories Creative entrepreneurs in the sustainable dental sector
Promis Products Innovation combined with sustainable practices
Consumer behavior Education and change in purchasing habits
Future reflections Importance of innovation and sustainability


We at Promis strongly believe in the importance of a sustainable approach to oral care. Our products are designed not only to offer maximum effectiveness but also to respect the environment and the health of our users.

The Impact of Sustainability in Oral Care

The choice of sustainable products significantly contributes to the protection of our planet and the health of people. An example is our Single Black Ocean Brush, which demonstrates our commitment to a greener future. Promis Brush Single Black Ocean

Success Stories of Entrepreneurs in the Field of Sustainable Oral Care

We have been fortunate to work with visionary entrepreneurs who, like us, are committed to offering products that respect sustainability without compromising quality. These collaborations have allowed us to grow and propose innovative solutions in the market.

Innovation in Action: Promis Products

Our product range is the direct result of our commitment to sustainable innovation. From Promis Paste Without Fluoride, a natural and organic toothpaste, to Promis Gel, a dental gel that fights tartar with completely natural ingredients, each product is a testament to our commitment. Promis Paste Without Fluoride

Awareness and Change in Consumer Behavior

The growing awareness regarding sustainable practices is driving a significant change in consumption choices. People of all ages are becoming more mindful in purchasing products that reflect their sustainability values, such as our Natural and Organic Promis Wash Mouthwash, enriched with vitamins A, C, and E for complete and environmentally friendly oral hygiene. Promis Wash

Conclusions and Future Reflections

The essence of our mission is simple: innovation and sustainability can and must go hand in hand. We look to the future with the goal of continuing to provide products that not only improve the oral health of our customers but also contribute to a cleaner and greener world for future generations.

Our products are not only an expression of our commitment to a sustainable future but also an invitation to take an active part in this mission. We invite everyone to reflect on their consumption habits and make more conscious choices on the path to a more sustainable future.

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