Innovazione nel Dentifricio Non Abrasivo: La Scelta Naturale di Promis

Innovation in Non-Abrasive Toothpaste: Promis' Natural Choice

Key Points:

Benefits Details Link
Less Abrasiveness Non-abrasive toothpastes protect teeth and gums Learn more about Promis Paste
Natural Ingredients Products based on natural components for oral care Discover Natural Dental Gel "Promis Gel"
Sustainability Commitment to eco-friendly products and practices Explore our Eco Brushes


Promis strongly believes in the importance of oral hygiene that is effective yet gentle. More than just a daily routine, the choice of toothpaste profoundly impacts our oral health.

Understanding Abrasiveness in Toothpaste

Abrasiveness is a measure of how well a toothpaste can remove plaque without damaging teeth and gums. An important balance to maintain a healthy smile.

  • Data visualization: Comparison of Non-Abrasive Toothpaste Features

Why Choose Non-Abrasive Natural Toothpastes

Non-abrasive natural toothpastes, like Promis Paste, offer a gentle yet effective solution for cleaning teeth, enriched with natural ingredients for lasting freshness.

  • Natural, Organic Toothpaste

Promis' Proposal for a Healthy and Natural Smile

Promis doesn't just stop at toothpaste; it offers a whole range of oral care products that respect the environment and our health:

  1. Natural Dental Gel "Promis Gel": an ally against cavities with natural extracts.

    • Natural Dental Gel "Promis Gel"
  2. Eco-friendly Brush "Promis Brush Single": biodegradable and high-performing.

    • Eco-friendly Soft Brush

The Importance of Sustainability in Oral Care

It's not just about natural ingredients: choosing Promis products means supporting sustainable practices throughout the production process.

The Future of Toothpaste: Sustainability and Health

Promis aims for a future where every oral hygiene product not only protects our health but also the planet.


The choice of a non-abrasive natural toothpaste has a significant impact on our oral health and the environment. Promis is at the forefront of bringing innovation and sustainability to the world of oral hygiene. Choosing Promis means opting for a responsible and conscious approach to personal care, with an eye always on the well-being of the planet.

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