La Lotta Naturale Contro le Malattie Gengivali Il Potere del Dentifricio

The Natural Fight Against Gum Diseases: The Power of Toothpaste


Key Points:

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Prevalence of Gum Diseases Between 44% and 66.7% globally
Role of Toothpaste Fundamental in prevention, with active ingredients like fluoride and essential oils
Oral Health Practices Proper brushing twice a day, with specific technique
Importance of Professional Dental Check-ups Recommended at least once a year to maintain good gum health

Today we present an article that explores the union between science and nature in the fight against gum diseases. This connection considers how oral hygiene products, especially toothpastes, play a crucial role in preventing these very common disorders.

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The global prevalence of gum diseases stands between 44% and 66.7%, a significant number that underscores the importance of maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine. Choosing a quality toothpaste is fundamental in this daily regimen. With active ingredients like fluoride, triclosan, and essential oils, toothpaste not only cleans teeth but helps prevent plaque formation and promotes gum health.

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The recommended oral health practices, including proper brushing technique twice a day for at least 2 minutes, are essential. Choosing the right toothbrush is equally crucial, like our:

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Another crucial component of oral health is the importance of professional dental check-ups, recommended at least once a year, which complement the home hygiene routine.


The fight against gum diseases is not just a matter of health but also of awareness in daily choices of oral hygiene products. Promis is committed to offering options that are effective, natural, and environmentally friendly, promoting a conscious oral hygiene routine. We invite you to explore our products here.

Care begins with conscious choices - for the health of your gums and for the planet.

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