La Salute Della Corona Del Dente: Guida alla Cura con Prodotti Sostenibili

The Health of the Tooth Crown: Guide to Care with Sustainable Products

Key Point Summary
Choice of Brush An eco-sustainable brush promotes the health of the crown and the environment.
Benefits of Natural Toothpaste Natural toothpastes protect dental crowns and reduce environmental impact.
Role of Mouthwash in Crown Care A biological mouthwash offers gentle yet effective care for dental crowns.
Prevention of Cavities and Tartar Using natural solutions helps keep the crowns of the teeth strong.
Sustainability and Effectiveness Eco-sustainable oral hygiene products can be as effective as they are environmentally friendly.


In our commitment to sustainability and oral health, we understand how crucial it is to take care of the tooth crown with products that respect both our body and the planet. Choosing sustainable products for oral care is more than a trend: it is a necessity for our health and that of the environment.

Environmental Impact Visualization

Choosing the Right Brush

Choosing the right brush is the first step towards good oral hygiene. Our Eco-sustainable Brush "Promis Brush Single" combines effectiveness and respect for the environment, ensuring deep and gentle cleaning on the tooth crown. Eco-sustainable Brush SOFT | SOFT

The Importance of Natural Toothpaste

Toothpaste plays a crucial role in protecting dental crowns. Our Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste "Promis Paste" is formulated to ensure effective cleaning without harshness, perfect for daily mouth care. Natural, Organic Toothpaste

The Role of Mouthwash in Crown Care

Our Natural and Organic Mouthwash "Promis Wash" offers a gentle yet effective approach to maintaining the health of dental crowns, without compromising on freshness and cleanliness. Natural and Organic Mouthwash

Natural Solutions for the Prevention of Cavities and Tartar

Prevention is always the best approach for the health of the tooth crown. Our Natural Dental Gel "Promis Gel" helps prevent the formation of tartar and cavities, preserving the natural strength and beauty of the mouth. Natural Dental Gel

Choosing for Sustainability and Effectiveness

Embracing sustainability in our oral hygiene routine does not mean compromising on effectiveness. Exploring our collection of Eco Brushes is a step towards more conscious and responsible choices for our health and that of the planet.


Taking care of the tooth crown with natural and sustainable products has never been more important. At promis, we are committed to offering solutions that not only protect your oral health but also respect the environment. We invite you to explore our offerings and make more conscious choices for yourself and the planet.

This article is designed to provide clear and useful information on the health of the tooth crown, demonstrating how it is possible to maintain excellent oral hygiene using eco-sustainable and organic products.

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