L'Impatto del Fumo di Sigaretta sulla Salute Orale

The Impact of Cigarette Smoking on Oral Health


Key Points

Effects Strategies Recommended Products
Discoloration Proper Brushing promis brush single
Gingivitis Use of Mouthwash promis wash
Periodontitis Natural Dental Gel promis gel
Enamel Loss Fluoride-Free Toothpaste promis paste
Aesthetic Defects Use of Dental Floss promis floss


In Italy, cigarette smoking is still a widespread practice, despite the growing awareness of its negative effects on overall health, including oral health. We address the topic of its specific impact on toothache and oral health.

The Impact of Smoking on Oral Health

Smoking can cause:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Aesthetic defects such as yellow or brown teeth
  • Increased tartar and enamel loss

We visualize these effects in the infographic: Effects of Smoking on Oral Health

Solutions and Products from Promis

promis brush single

1. Promis Brush Single - Eco-friendly Toothbrush

Proper brushing starts with the right toothbrush. Our toothbrush is designed to be gentle yet effective in the most sensitive areas.

promis wash

2. Promis Wash - Natural and Organic Mouthwash

The natural mouthwash enriched with vitamins A, C, and E supports a healthy mouth and healthy gums.

promis gel

3. Promis Gel - Natural Dental Gel

This gel combats tartar and cavity formation, common problems among smokers.

Additional Products from Promis

For a complete routine, consider using promis paste fluoride-free, a natural toothpaste, and promis floss, a natural and waxed dental floss.

Conclusions and Call to Action

In summary, smoking can cause various oral health problems, but with proper oral hygiene and the use of appropriate products, these problems can be prevented or mitigated. We invite you to consult and choose our products dedicated to oral health as a step towards a healthier and brighter smile.

Let's make oral health a priority together, despite the challenges posed by smoking.

This post illustrates the importance of prevention and daily care to protect oral health from the damage of smoking, offering concrete solutions with Promis' natural and sustainable products."

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