L'Importanza del Filo Interdentale e della Cura Ortodontica

The Importance of Dental Floss and Orthodontic Care


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Topic Description
Oral Hygiene with Braces Regular use of dental floss is essential for those who wear braces
Natural Products Benefits of using natural products for oral hygiene
Advanced Orthodontic Technologies 2024 News: comfort, efficiency, and invisible treatments

At Promis Care, we strongly believe in orthodontic care and the use of dental floss as pillars of oral hygiene. For those who wear orthodontic braces, maintaining proper cleanliness can be a challenge. However, with our natural products and practical advice, this can become a simple and rewarding habit.


A healthy smile starts with good oral hygiene, which becomes even more crucial when wearing orthodontic braces. Choosing the right products can make a big difference in preventing gum diseases and taking care of our mouths.

promis floss
promis floss

The Relationship between Dental Floss and Orthodontic Braces

Using dental floss with orthodontic braces may seem difficult, but it is essential to remove food residues and plaque in hard-to-reach areas. Our eco-friendly dental floss, promis floss, is gentle on sensitive gums and effective in cleaning.

Natural Products for Oral Hygiene

Besides dental floss, it is important to choose a toothpaste that respects both your mouth and the environment. promis paste without fluoride offers a natural and organic solution for those seeking an eco-friendly alternative.

promis paste without fluoride
promis paste without fluoride

Advanced Orthodontic Technologies

2024 is a promising year for the field of orthodontics, with the advent of advanced technologies focusing on comfort, efficiency, and invisible treatments. Digital orthodontics offers personalized solutions that perfectly meet the needs of each individual.

Practical Tips for Using Dental Floss with Orthodontic Braces

Here at Promis Care, we share techniques and tips for effective use of dental floss. The key is consistency and adopting oral hygiene habits that include specific products for those who wear braces, such as our promis wash, a natural mouthwash enriched with vitamins.

promis wash
promis wash


Caring for your mouth, especially with orthodontic braces, is of fundamental importance. Products like promis gel, a natural dental gel against tartar and cavity formation, can make a difference in your daily routine.

promis gel
promis gel

By adopting a sustainable oral hygiene routine, it is possible to significantly improve the health of your mouth, especially for those who wear orthodontic braces. By choosing Promis Care, you opt for a conscious and environmentally friendly approach."

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