Prodotti Sostenibili nella Cura Orale: Una Necessità del 2024

Sustainable Oral Care Products: A Necessity for 2024

In a world increasingly attentive to environmental issues, the oral care industry is called to do its part. We are Promis, a company that firmly believes in sustainability as a fundamental pillar of its production philosophy. Here’s how we make a difference.

Key Points:

Aspect Description
Environmental Impact The production and disposal of products generate environmental concerns.
Sustainable Products The use of biodegradable and recycled materials reduces the ecological footprint.
Industry Initiatives Continuous efforts to reduce carbon and promote renewable energy.
Consumer Awareness Greater information leads to the choice of eco-friendly products.
Challenges Balancing ecological needs with product effectiveness remains a challenge.


2024 begins with a clear awareness: the oral care industry must evolve to reduce its environmental impact. More sustainable products are not just a choice, but a necessity.

Promis Brush Single Black Ocean

Promis' Commitment to Sustainability

For years, Promis has placed environmentalism at the center of its production. We use biodegradable materials and production techniques that respect the ecosystem, as highlighted by our oral hygiene product collection.

Promis Gel

Our range varies from fluoride-free toothpaste to anti-tartar gel, all formulated for minimal environmental impact.

Innovation and Research: The Path to Greater Sustainability

At Promis, we believe in innovation as a tool for continuous improvement. For this reason, the Promis Brush Trio, with its soft bristles and handle made of recycled material, represents our commitment to finding sustainable solutions.

Promis Brush Trio

The Role of Consumers in Sustainable Choices

Another key aspect of our philosophy is consumer awareness. It is essential to be informed and choose products that are not only effective but also respect the environment. Products like Promis Wash, with its natural formula, are a practical demonstration of this philosophy.

Promis Wash


Sustainability is no longer an option but a necessary choice for the future of our planet. At Promis, we commit every day to offering products that are in harmony with this principle, aware that the path to a greener future also passes through the care of our oral hygiene.

Rediscover our dedication by visiting the page dedicated to our products, each of which is a step towards a more sustainable world.

Promis Paste Without Fluoride

This article aims to be a window into our world, showing you how quality, effectiveness, and environmental commitment can go hand in hand. Choose Promis, choose the future.

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