Rimedi Naturali per un Alito Fresco La Guida di Promis

Natural Remedies for Fresh Breath: Promis Guide


Key Points
  • Natural and effective remedies to keep breath fresh
  • Promis products ideal for a sustainable oral hygiene routine
  • Importance of using pure and gentle ingredients towards our body


Every day, we at Promis put passion and dedication into creating products for sustainable oral hygiene. We believe that keeping breath fresh is an essential component of personal well-being. In this article, we will guide you through the natural options and solutions we offer to help you achieve this goal.

The Science Behind a Fresh Smile

Nature offers effective remedies against bad breath, thanks to essential oils and aromatic herbs like peppermint and aloe vera. Science supports their ability to freshen breath, while foods rich in vitamins and chlorophyll promote a healthy oral environment.

Proven Natural Remedies

Avoiding harsh chemicals is the first step. Using Ayurvedic water for oral cleansing is an example of how to integrate simple yet effective practices into your daily routine.

Promis Gel

Promis Products for Fresh Breath

Our products are designed to complement natural remedies and offer a complete solution for your mouth care:

Promis Floss

The Right Choice for You and the Planet

Our mission is to offer products that are good for you and the environment. We invite everyone to explore our range, oriented towards sustainability and oral health.

Data Visualizations

The causes of bad breath are numerous, but as demonstrated by our research, regular use of natural products can significantly reduce this problem, making it manageable in everyday life.

Fresh Breath Data Visualization


Fresh breath and a healthy mouth are within reach with natural remedies and Promis products. Adopting a mindful oral hygiene routine enriches daily well-being while supporting the planet.

This article hopes to have provided you with useful and practical information to integrate into your life for a fresher and healthier smile with Promis.

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