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Remove Tartar: Choosing and Using Toothpaste

Key Point Description
What is Tartar Describes formation and issues related to tartar
Action of Anti-Tartar Toothpastes Explains how anti-tartar toothpastes work
Benefits of Use Lists the benefits for our oral hygiene
Toothpaste Selection Advice on how to choose the right product based on your needs
Oral Hygiene Routine Importance of a proper routine and additional resources


We at Promis Care firmly believe in the importance of oral health, an aspect that should never be neglected for the overall well-being of our body. The toothpaste we choose for our daily hygiene can make a difference, especially if our goal is to combat tartar formation, one of the main causes of dental diseases.

What is Tartar and How Does it Form?

Tartar originates from the hardening of plaque on the teeth, especially if not adequately removed through proper oral hygiene. Minerals in saliva can crystallize it, making its removal much more complicated than plaque.

How Does Anti-Tartar Gel Work?

The anti-tartar gel, like our Promis Gel, contains chelating substances that prevent tartar formation by interrupting the plaque mineralization process.

Benefits of Anti-Tartar Toothpaste

If used regularly, anti-tartar toothpaste can help keep teeth cleaner and whiter, contributing to optimal oral health.

Choosing the Right Toothpaste

There is no universal "best toothpaste," but everyone can find the product that best suits their needs. For example, we recommend our Promis Fluoride-Free Paste, which combines anti-tartar properties with a natural and organic formula.

Conclusion and Additional Resources

In addition to choosing the right toothpaste, it is essential to maintain an effective daily oral hygiene routine. We invite you to visit our page with tips for proper oral hygiene and discover our range of products, such as eco-friendly toothbrushes and Promis Wash natural mouthwash.

To learn more, explore our collections:

Remember, the consistent use of the right toothpaste is essential for tartar prevention and the protection of your dental health, but do not forget the importance of regular dental check-ups for professional and comprehensive cleaning.

We at Promis Care are always by your side to support you in every aspect of your oral hygiene.

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