Scopri il Filo Interdentale Spugnoso Promis: Igiene e Natura

Discover the Promis Sponge Dental Floss: Hygiene and Nature

Discover Promis Spongy Dental Floss: Hygiene and Nature

Summary Table

Benefit Description
Effective plaque removal Unique texture that captures and removes more plaque.
Gentle on gums Less irritation thanks to the softness of the floss.
Suitable for variable interdental spaces Expands upon contact with saliva, adapting to spaces.
Eco-sustainability Made with natural and recyclable materials.
Vegan-friendly No animal-derived ingredients, suitable for vegans.

We at Promis are proud to present our spongy dental floss, an innovative product for superior oral hygiene. This type of dental floss is characterized by its ability to expand upon contact with saliva, allowing you to reach even the most difficult interdental spaces without causing gum irritation.

Promis Spongy Dental Floss

A Dental Floss Unlike Any Other

What are the real advantages of choosing our spongy dental floss over traditional floss?

  1. Better Plaque Removal: Its spongy texture allows it to absorb and capture more food residues and bacterial plaque between the teeth.
  2. Comfortable and Gentle: Highly appreciated by those with sensitive gums, it reduces the risk of bleeding and discomfort during cleaning.
  3. Adaptable: Its spongy characteristic makes it perfect for every interdental space.

Why Did We at Promis Develop This Floss?

At Promis, attention to the environment and the search for eco-sustainable solutions are at the core of our work. Our spongy dental floss is not only effective in cleaning but is also made with natural and fully recyclable materials, ensuring a reduced environmental impact.

For a holistic approach to your oral care, also explore our eco-friendly toothbrushes, the subscription kits with dedicated products, and the entire range of Promis consumables, including anti-tartar gel.


Your oral health is extremely important to us. That's why we are dedicated to providing you with quality, sustainable products that cater to your needs. Learn more about our mission and our products on our website and feel free to ask us questions or leave feedback. Your mouth and our planet will thank you.

In conclusion, we encourage you to take a closer look at the information available both on our website and in the detailed descriptions of individual products. We remind you that our complete line of dental floss, including the spongy one, awaits you for a conscious and environmentally friendly choice.

*We invite you to visit the dedicated page and discover all the benefits of our spongy dental floss.*

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