Soluzioni Eco-Friendly per le Gengive Infiammate

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Inflamed Gums


Inflamed gums are a common but annoying problem that can significantly affect our daily lives. Fortunately, there are ways to treat this condition in an eco-sustainable manner, respecting our body and the environment.

Key Points

Strategy Description
Maintaining Oral Hygiene Use of soft brushes and ecological toothpaste
Nutrition Balanced diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3
Natural Remedies Use of techniques like oil pulling and herbal products

Main Causes of Inflammation

The causes of gum inflammation are varied, but often linked to inadequate oral hygiene practices or the use of overly aggressive products. Exposure to harmful chemicals can worsen the situation rather than improve it.

Causes of Inflammation

Why Go Green?

Choosing eco-friendly solutions for oral hygiene not only benefits the environment but can significantly reduce the risks of irritation and inflammation, thanks to the use of natural and gentle components.

Explore our range of eco-friendly oral hygiene products for a more respectful approach towards your body and the environment.

Our Solutions

  1. Promis Paste Without Fluoride
    Promis Paste Without Fluoride
    Our fluoride-free toothpaste, enriched with organic ingredients, gently cleans without irritating the gums.

  2. Promis Gel
    Promis Gel
    This natural dental gel fights tartar and cavities, providing relief to sensitive gums.

  3. Promis Wash
    Promis Wash
    A bio mouthwash ideal for maintaining oral pH balance and strengthening the gums.

Other Products for Conscious Oral Hygiene

  • Promis Floss
    A sustainable dental floss for deep cleaning without negative impacts on the environment.

  • Promis Brush Single Black Ocean
    An eco-friendly brush with soft bristles, for effective cleaning that respects sensitive gums.


Adopting an eco-friendly approach to oral hygiene is an important step forward for our health and that of the planet. Choose natural, sustainable, and gentle products to take care of your gums. Remember, the best solutions are those that respect both humans and the surrounding environment.

We invite everyone to discover and adopt our eco-friendly oral hygiene solutions, to live more consciously and healthily."

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