Tecniche di Pulizia per Gengive Sane con Prodotti Promis

Cleaning Techniques for Healthy Gums with Promis Products

Promoting optimal oral health is essential to prevent common issues such as gum recession. This article highlights the importance of proper cleaning techniques and Promis products that can help maintain healthy gums.

Key Points
Causes of Receding Gums Good oral hygiene and regular dentist visits are crucial.
Recommended Products Use of brushes with soft bristles and specific Promis products.
Cleaning Techniques Proper brushing and use of non-abrasive products.
Daily Care Promis offers a range of ideal products for daily oral care.
Invitation Discover the Promis collection for effective and eco-sustainable cleaning techniques.


Every day, our gums are exposed to numerous risk factors that can lead to issues such as receding gums. To prevent them, it is crucial to follow a daily oral hygiene routine that includes effective cleaning techniques and the use of suitable products.

Understanding Receding Gums

Receding gums emerge due to various factors, including overly aggressive brushing and the use of unsuitable products. It is essential to approach this issue with care, opting for products that respect gum sensitivity.

  • Risk Factors

Fundamental Cleaning Practices

The choice of brush plays a vital role in preventing receding gums. Promis offers exceptional options like the Promis Brush Single Black Ocean and the Promis Brush Trio, both with ultra-soft bristles.

Promis Brush Single Black Ocean

Promis Brush Trio

Complementing good brushing, it is essential to choose a gentle toothpaste like the Promis Paste Fluoride-Free.

Promis Paste Fluoride-Free

Right Products for Daily Cleaning

To further strengthen the gums, include in your routine the Promis Gel, formulated to protect without aggressiveness.

Promis Gel

Finish with Promis Wash, for lasting freshness and complete gum protection.

Promis Wash


Paying attention to the selection of oral care products and cleaning techniques is crucial for maintaining healthy gums. Promis products are formulated to offer gentle yet effective care, supporting a natural and environmentally friendly approach. We invite everyone to discover our complete collection at Promis.

Incorporating these products and techniques into your daily routine is an important step towards preventing receding gums, ensuring a healthy and radiant smile for years to come.

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