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A guide to healthy gums: Prevention and Treatment

Within our company, we are very attentive to the oral and gum health of our customers. For this reason, we have prepared a detailed guide on receding gums, a condition that can significantly affect the quality of life. In this article, we will share crucial information on causes, signs, prevention, and treatment of receding gums.

Table of Contents:

Section Topics Covered
Causes and signs of receding gums Possible causes, signs to notice
Impacts on oral health Connection between receding gums and dental problems
Prevention of receding gums Hygiene habits, recommended products
Available treatments Non-surgical options, surgical interventions
Product considerations Product recommendations for appropriate oral hygiene

Causes and signs of receding gums:

Receding gums occur when the tissue surrounding the teeth erodes or retracts, exposing the tooth root. Causes of this condition include genetics, poor oral hygiene, or aggressive brushing techniques. It is essential to notice signs such as sensitive or bleeding gums.

Impacts on oral health:

Gum recession can lead to sensitive teeth, an increased risk of cavities in the tooth roots, and can have long-term effects on the structure and integrity of the teeth.

Prevention of receding gums:

To prevent gum recession, we recommend adopting a gentle oral hygiene routine, starting with the promis brush single eco-friendly toothbrush, whose design is particularly suitable for those with sensitive gums. promis brush single Eco-friendly SOFT | SOFT Toothbrush. We also emphasize the importance of an appropriate toothpaste, such as our promis paste fluoride-free, created for a more natural and gentle approach to the mouth. promis paste fluoride-free Natural, organic, eco-friendly toothpaste.

Available treatments:

In case of already receded gums, there are several non-surgical and surgical treatments available. Do not hesitate to consult your dentist for the best treatment strategy.

Product considerations:

Proper daily oral hygiene is essential not only to prevent but also to manage gum recession. We recommend including in your routine the promis gel against tartar and cavity formation and the promis wash, a natural mouthwash enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, specific for sensitive teeth and gums. promis gel natural dental gel against tartar and cavity formation. Never neglect the fundamental role of dental floss, such as our promis floss, which offers an eco-friendly and natural approach to cleaning between the teeth. promis floss Eco-friendly, natural, waxed dental floss. Vegan.

We conclude by emphasizing the importance of carefully taking care of your gums. If you notice signs of receding gums, we encourage you to consult your dentist as soon as possible. Proper oral hygiene, along with regular check-ups, can make a big difference in the prevention and management of gum recession. We at promis are here to support you with quality products dedicated to your oral health.

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