Artista e start-up altoatesini impegnati contro la crisi climatica

Artists and South Tyrolean start-ups committed to the climate crisis

As part of the Bolzano Art Weeks (BAW), the works of unibz professor Kuno Prey will be exhibited in the greenhouses of Floricoltura Schullian. Together with the South Tyrolean start-up promis, the artist follows a clear motto: rethinking our way of consuming.

468 toothbrushes form three original sculptures, the artwork: “an-gestachelt” (~ incited) by Kuno Prey, professor of Product Design at unibz, will be exhibited in the greenhouses of Floricoltura Schullian in Bolzano as part of the “Bolzano Art Weeks” (BAW) from September 23, 2022, to October 2, 2022. The sculptures were created with the valuable support of the South Tyrolean start-up promis. A peculiarity: the toothbrushes are all used.

The artwork was preceded by a promis collection campaign together with the dental centers Mirò, Dental First and Dental Center Human. promis sells sustainable dental hygiene products and wanted to emphasize its company philosophy dedicated to environmental protection: since December 2021, the company has been collecting used toothbrushes in specially designed bins placed in the offices of the respective dental centers.

500 toothbrushes as a metaphor for the climate crisis

However, this initiative has gathered more than 3000 used toothbrushes, of which 500 were immortalized by Prof. Prey in a warning-character artwork.

“Cacti have sharp spines and thrive in a very hot and dry climate. Some of the consequences of the impending climate crisis, partly already present, create the ideal habitat for cacti. These cacti with toothbrush spines aim to draw attention to the recklessness of our consumer behavior, to ‘prick’ us and make us reflect,” explains Prey. A significant metaphor for the current climate crisis and also an unintentionally timely statement, given the water shortage in spring and summer that also affected South Tyrol.

Sustainability is more important than profit

“We turned to the language of art. It is a unique means of communication, which touches us on fronts different from those of advertising and leaves a deeper imprint.”, says Nora Gallmetzer, co-founder of promis and “patron” of the sculpture.

The BAW will take place from September 23, 2022, to October 2, 2022. During the event, art exhibitions will be organized throughout the city of Bolzano. Among the exhibition venues will be the greenhouses of Floricoltura Schullian. On 26.09. professor Prey will be present on-site from 17:00 to explain his work in more detail to those interested.

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