I Migliori Dentifrici del 2024: Un Sorriso che Fa la Differenza

The Best Toothpastes of 2024: A Smile that Makes a Difference


In 2024, we at Promis have outdone ourselves by introducing highly performing toothpastes that promise to revolutionize oral and dental care. Our products not only ensure cleanliness and dental health but also commit to offering minimal environmental impact.

New in 2024

Among the most significant new products, we present the Promis Paste with Fluoride. Its formula is designed for those seeking that extra protection against cavities, combining quality ingredients to strengthen enamel and provide continuous bactericidal action.

Promis Paste with Fluoride

For Natural Lovers

For those who prefer fluoride-free products, the Promis Paste Without Fluoride is the ideal choice. The natural ingredients provide effective cleaning while respecting the oral pH balance.

Promis Paste Without Fluoride

Starter Kit

We also highlight our Promis Starter Kit, designed for those new to dental care with an eco-friendly solution that does not compromise on quality.

Sustainability and Dental Care

This year, our commitment to sustainability is strengthened with biodegradable and vegan products that adhere to the cruelty-free principle, meeting the needs of an increasingly conscious market.


Selecting the right toothpaste is essential for a radiant smile. With Promis, every need is met with quality and environmentally friendly solutions. For complete care, we invite you to discover our range of toothbrushes, perfectly matching our toothpastes.

We remind our customers that in addition to toothpastes, we offer a complete selection of oral hygiene products, including Promis subscription kits and Promis consumables, available to meet your every specific need.

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