Igiene Orale Quotidiana: Consigli e Prodotti per Sorridere al Meglio

Daily Oral Hygiene: Tips and Products for Smiling at Your Best

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Choosing the Brush Importance of opting for brushes with antibacterial bristles and ergonomic design like the Promis Brush Single.
Storing the Brush Use accessories like the Promis Holder Single for proper ventilation.
Replacing the Brush Change the brush every 3-4 months to prevent germs and bacteria.
Complementary Products Use antibacterial toothpastes and mouthwashes as a complement to the cleaning routine.


We at Promis have always been committed to ensuring the best smile for our customers. Today we would like to share some essential tips for maintaining perfect daily oral hygiene.

Choosing the right brush is crucial: it is advisable to use products like the Promis Brush Single, equipped with antibacterial bristles and an ergonomic design. This brush not only effectively cleans the teeth but also protects the gums.


Once you have chosen the right brush, it is important to store it correctly. For this, we recommend the Promis Holder Single, which allows proper ventilation, preventing the proliferation of germs.

It is essential to periodically disinfect the brush. Our Promis Couple Kit includes everything you need to take care of your brush, suitable for both singles and couples.

Promis Couple Kit


The brush should be replaced every 3-4 months. Our Promis Brush Trio ensures you always have a replacement brush available, guaranteeing freshness and hygiene.

For a complete oral hygiene regimen, do not neglect the use of complementary products such as antibacterial toothpastes and mouthwashes. Discover our range of products by visiting the mouthwash and dental floss section on our website.

Through these basic steps, along with the use of our quality products, you can maintain optimal oral health and show a smile that speaks for you.

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