Kit da viaggio per l’igiene orale: sostenibile, naturale ed elegante

Travel kit for oral hygiene: sustainable, natural and elegant

Summer holidays are just around the corner and while we fill our suitcase with sunscreen, swimsuits, and other essentials, there's one thing we can't forget: dental care! But why shouldn't dental care on vacation be sustainable, natural, and stylish like the rest of our travel preparations? This is where our promis kit for dental care during summer holidays comes into play.

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Our dental care kit is designed with sustainability in mind. All included products are eco-friendly and resource-efficient. The toothbrush is made from paper production residues, a renewable resource, and is also a true decorative item. With its coordinated holder, you can rely on a practical container in the hotel bathroom. Choose your favorite color combination.

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The dental care kit contains only natural products that are good for your teeth and the entire oral cavity. The toothpaste is made from natural ingredients like tea tree, bergamot, rosemary, eucalyptus, aloe vera, and neem, known for their cleansing and refreshing properties. Choose for yourself whether you prefer with or without fluoride.

In style

Just because it's dental care doesn't mean it can't be stylish! Our holiday dental care kit has been carefully designed to offer you a stylish and engaging experience. Assemble your kit quickly and easily.

Sustainable, natural, and stylish: the perfect combination:

Our summer holiday dental care kit is more than just a set of products. It is a statement for environmentally conscious travelers who appreciate sustainability, natural ingredients, and stylish design when on the go.

Purchase your travel kit here, assemble it now.
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