La Dental Routine promis per un sorriso perfetto

The Dental Routine promis for a perfect smile

While the vibrant spirit of spring brings new life into the world, why not extend that sense of renewal to your oral care routine?

Say goodbye to old habits and old products, and welcome the freshness of the promis oral care routine - a holistic approach that embraces sustainability, gentleness, and the power of nature. Let's discover together the four steps that will kickstart your spring smile makeover.

Step 1: Use the interdental floss for a Fresh Start

Begin your promis Oral Care Routine with a clean slate - literally. Flossing is the foundation of any effective oral care routine, ensuring the removal of plaque and debris between teeth. The promis floss offers a gentle yet thorough clean, promoting healthy gums and setting the stage for a radiant smile.


Step 2: Embrace the Duo of brush and promis paste

Say goodbye to your old brush and toothpaste, and welcome the promis brush and promis paste - the dynamic duo for superior oral care. With 6750 soft bristles, the promis brush gently removes impurities without causing gum irritation. Pair it with promis paste, a natural and organic toothpaste that promises effective cleaning without harsh chemicals.

Step 3: Rinse and Refresh with promis wash

Elevate your oral care routine with promis wash. After brushing, rinse with this refreshing mouthwash to revive your breath and leave your mouth revitalized. Promis Wash is designed with your well-being and the environment in mind, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional mouthwashes.


Step 4: promis gel: The Final Touch for a Fresh Smile

Complete your promis Oral Care Routine with the highlight - promis gel. As the final step, apply promis gel to ensure long-lasting freshness. This vegan and eco-friendly dental gel not only fights plaque bacteria but also contributes to a sustainable and compassionate oral care regimen.

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Make the Change, Embrace the promis(e)

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