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Dental care in summer

Summer has finally arrived. The perfect time to leave behind the stressful daily life and let the sun shine on your belly. But even if we forget everything around us, we must remember one thing: our dental health. Because it should not be neglected at any time of the year. The following tips should help you get through the summer safely.

Drink plenty of fluids

With so much sun and heat, our mouths dry out quickly. Drinking plenty of fluids is not only good for the body but also for the teeth. Good hydration, in fact, helps maintain saliva flow, which helps protect teeth from cavities and bacteria.

Sensitivity to heat and cold

To cool the mouth, especially in the coming months, we like to drink iced beverages. If you already have teeth sensitive to pain, you should avoid them if possible and choose dental care products. Our promis toothbrush is gentle on teeth and gums thanks to its soft bristles and gently cleans teeth from plaque. Check the abrasion level of your toothpaste (RDA), which indicates how abrasive your toothpaste is. Our promis paste has a very low RDA value, making it perfect for people with sensitive teeth.

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Tooth-friendly snacks

Ice cream is the trending snack of the summer. But it doesn't always have to be. You can easily and quickly find sugar-free alternatives to protect oral health. Sugar is the number one cavity factor and therefore our number one enemy, so we recommend great recipes with yogurt, fruit, homemade iced teas, etc.

Travel toothbrush

Have you already planned your summer vacation? Then listen up, here is our summer kit for dental care. Everything you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Our travel dental care kit consists of our promis toothbrush and its handy holder, natural and organic toothpaste, and our best-selling promis gel to fight plaque and tartar when you're on the go. So your smile is safe even on vacation. Buy it now


Even though we are talking about teeth, we want to remind you that lips also need special protection in the summer. So don't forget them when you apply sunscreen to your face.


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