Perché bioplastica?

Why bioplastic?

Are you wondering why we chose bioplastic for our promis brush? We are glad that you are taking the time to think about this topic.

We find plastic everywhere in our daily lives, starting from the bathroom when we brush our teeth in the morning. The more you start to notice the use of plastic, the more you see it everywhere. And there is a reason for this: plastic is versatile and unbeatable in terms of cost.

Why did we choose bioplastic for our promis brushes?

During our development and research process, we tried sustainable toothbrushes made of bamboo and wood, and we couldn't get used to them. Not with the feeling in the mouth, the brushing experience, or the cleaning result. So we were looking for an alternative that would give us the classic tooth brushing experience and still be sustainable.

This is how we came across this bioplastic, produced and patented in Germany.

It looks and feels like plastic, but it is made with renewable raw materials, natural binders, as well as natural waxes and other bio-based materials. For us, the perfect compromise. Because it allows the toothbrush to:

  • dry well after use, so that germs and bacteria cannot multiply on its surface
  • be easily molded and injected, so we can ensure the ergonomics of the shape
  • shine in all vibrant colors to bring more joy to the bathroom

And we hope that perhaps this will convince the less sustainability-conscious to take the step towards the sustainable option without compromises.

Our mission is clean teeth, clean mouth, and clean planet. promis.

*** For optimal results and a plaque-free smile, it is recommended to change the toothbrush at least every 3 months, after any illness, or when the bristles are worn out. ***

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