Perché il bicchiere dello spazzolino è una trappola per batteri

Why the toothbrush glass is a trap for bacteria

When was the last time you cleaned your toothbrush glass? Well, I could take a guess!

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To keep your teeth clean and protect them from bacteria, we not only need to brush them but also pay attention to how we store the toothbrush. Most of us brush our teeth twice a day and after brushing, we quickly rinse the toothbrush under water and then place it in the glass.

In general, this is not wrong, but beware: plastic glasses often have a rough surface that allows bacteria to hide. Everyone knows the unsightly white patina that grows at the bottom and around the edges. It is caused by the residual water that the toothbrush releases into the glass as it dries. In this way, by allowing them to settle, bacteria can multiply excellently.

Natural toothbrushes: caution

So be careful with natural toothbrushes, such as those made of bamboo or wood, which take much longer to dry and can easily mold due to stagnant water.

What to do

To solve this problem, we have not only developed a sustainable toothbrush that dries quickly, is hygienic and clean, but also its holder! Our toothbrush holders are made of sustainable material based on recycled matter, (read more here), antibacterial and hygienic, as they do not collect residual water. Thanks to the 2 exit holes positioned at the bottom, water can drain out and the toothbrush can dry completely and faster. And that's not all: it can also be easily washed in the dishwasher.

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