Portaspazzolini di Design: Arredo Funzionale per il Bagno

Toothbrush Holder Design: Functional Furnishing for the Bathroom

Section Description
For The Single Elegant solutions for those who live alone.
For The Couple Shareable and stylish models for two people.
Related Products Toothbrushes, toothpastes, and assorted kits for complete hygiene.
Customize Your Kit Create your tailor-made package for oral hygiene.


The bathroom is an environment that deserves care and attention to detail. Toothbrush holders, in addition to being functional elements, can help improve the appearance of the room. We present three design options that combine aesthetics and practicality for different needs.

For The Single: Simplicity and Elegance


For those who live alone, we recommend our Promis Holder Single, a toothbrush holder with clean lines that ensures impeccable hygiene for your toothbrush.

For The Couple: Sharing with Style

Couple toothbrush holder


For couples, the Promis Holder Couple is ideal, thanks to its design that combines aesthetics and utility.

Couple toothbrush holder bundle


Related Products

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Customize Your Kit

Finally, don't forget to check out the option to customize your subscription, to create the perfect package based on your unique needs.

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