Protezione Naturale per Denti e Gengive Sensibili

Natural Protection for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

A radiant smile not only boosts self-confidence but also reflects health and well-being. With promis care, an Italian brand for sustainable dental hygiene, you can not only ensure the natural health of your teeth but also actively contribute to the protection of our environment. Discover the benefits of natural, recycled, and vegan oral hygiene products from promis – it's time to direct your purchases towards sustainability.

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Natural, Recycled, Vegan – The philosophy of promis

promis represents not only effective dental hygiene but also environmental responsibility. All products are made with recycled / 100% recyclable materials and are vegan. Carefully selected natural and organic ingredients are produced according to the highest quality standards to ensure optimal care for your teeth – completely free of harmful additives.

Sensitive teeth and gums: promis dental hygiene products offer natural protection for sensitive teeth and gums. The unique formula strengthens enamel and promotes a healthy oral flora. Natural ingredients like Xylitol and Tea Tree Oil provide antibacterial benefits.

Cavity protection: promis sustainable hygiene effectively protects against cavities. Natural ingredients enhance oral health without resorting to aggressive chemicals.

Fresh breath: Selected organic essential oils ensure long-lasting fresh breath and create a pleasant sensation in the mouth.

The Mission of promis – Transforming Dental Hygiene into a Beauty Routine

promis aims to integrate dental hygiene into your beauty routine. It's not just about the product's effectiveness but also the design. The "promis brush + holder" is not just a set of toothbrushes; it's a true design piece. With an elegant design and sustainable materials, brushing your teeth becomes an aesthetic experience.

Sustainability that Matters

Take the decisive step towards sustainable dental hygiene and support the eco-friendly mission of promis.

Shop now for sustainable products and help reduce plastic waste and conserve natural resources. For a radiant smile that benefits not only your teeth but also our planet. Act now and support the sustainable revolution in dental hygiene – click on "Shop now" and make a statement for a beautifully bright future.

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