Scopri l'Igiene Orale Naturale con Dentifrici Senza SLS

Discover Natural Oral Hygiene with SLS-Free Toothpastes

In recent years, we have witnessed a growing interest in a healthier and more natural lifestyle, which also includes oral hygiene care. As a company attentive to consumer needs and respectful of the environment, we are committed to offering products that reflect these values. This is why SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulfate) toothpastes are an important part of our offerings.

What "SLS-Free" Means

SLS is a detergent found in many oral hygiene products. Although it is effective in removing residues, it can cause irritation and oral ulcers. For this reason, our toothpastes are formulated without the use of this substance, ensuring effective and gentle cleaning.

Why Choose SLS-Free Products

  • Less Irritation: SLS can cause mucosal inflammation in sensitive individuals. Our toothpastes reduce this risk.
  • Prevention of Canker Sores: The absence of SLS limits the occurrence of these annoying mouth ulcers.
  • Homeopathic Compatibility: Our products do not interfere with homeopathic treatments thanks to their natural composition.

Recommended Products

Promis Brush Single Black Ocean

Promis Toothbrush

A great start to your oral hygiene routine is choosing the right toothbrush. The Promis Brush Single Black Ocean combines design and functionality with its soft bristles, ideal for those looking for a product that is gentle on the gums but effective in cleaning.

Promis Paste Without Fluoride

Promis Paste Without Fluoride

Anchoring your daily routine with a toothpaste like the Promis Paste without fluoride ensures thorough cleaning without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Promis Gel

Promis Gel

Our Promis Gel is the ideal choice for those who want a lasting feeling of freshness without aggressive foaming agents like SLS or fluoride.

Our Commitment

We believe that oral care should be effective but always respectful of our body and the environment. Our products are developed with the aim of ensuring the highest standards of safety and sustainability. Choosing natural products like our SLS-free toothpastes does not mean giving up effectiveness: it is a step towards awareness and health, for you and for the planet.

Exploring our collections of oral hygiene products is the first step towards a more conscious and natural daily routine.

With love, Your Promis Team

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