Una dieta vegana fa male ai denti?

Does a vegan diet harm teeth?

I, who think about nothing but my teeth every day, consciously asked myself this question for the first time today: do a vegan diet and a healthy oral flora go hand in hand?

Now I know more and more people in my environment who follow a vegetarian or even vegan diet. These are lifestyles adopted for a variety of reasons.

I do not follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, yet I am committed to a conscious diet. Because our usual eating patterns promote mass consumption, global overproduction, factory farming, and last but not least, the climate crisis. Personally, I try to not support these things with my actions.

But our diet says a lot about our health. Many of my vegan friends tell me how good they feel physically and mentally since they chose this diet. They tell me their pounds are dropping and they are in a good mood. So it seems healthy, but what about oral health? I, who think about nothing but my teeth every day, consciously asked myself this question for the first time today: do a vegan diet and a healthy oral flora go hand in hand?

People who are thinking of switching to a plant-based diet may wonder if it can have a negative impact on their overall health. But what about oral health? Generally, new vegans make drastic changes to their diet, completely eliminating two of the major food groups: Meat and dairy. However, these two foods are carriers of important ingredients that contribute to the health of our bones and consequently our teeth.

Dentists know that diet can directly affect the health of our teeth. A vegan diet can lead to vitamin or nutrient deficiencies in people who do not follow a complete diet and take vitamins through supplements. Vegetarians and vegans are therefore often deficient in calcium, vitamin D, and fiber, exposing themselves to a higher risk of periodontal diseases.

If you do not want to eat meat or other animal foods, it is important to know the alternatives and supplementary options. Supplements and dietary supplements can help you maintain not only your oral health but the health of your entire body.

Research has shown the importance of calcium for teeth and bones and has found that its deficiency is also directly linked to gum disease, one of the main causes of tooth loss. Additionally, studies indicate a doubled risk of periodontitis if the daily calcium requirement is not met.

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are actually the best sources of calcium. Vegans can still turn to a wide range of alternatives, such as legumes like beans, tofu, sesame seeds, nuts, but also dried fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Raw foods based on fresh fruits and vegetables increase saliva production, which neutralizes acids in the mouth. Prolonged chewing cleans the teeth and thus prevents the formation of cavities. Again, to supplement the missing fibers, low-acidity beans and legumes and whole products are recommended.

Maintaining dental health and following a vegan diet is not so difficult with the necessary preliminary knowledge. If you eat consciously and richly, you have nothing to worry about, provided that oral hygiene and dental care are not neglected. It is important to be well informed and aware of the risks. We recommend always talking to your dentist if you have any questions or problems and not forgetting your semi-annual check-ups and professional dental cleaning.

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