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Practical Guide: Usage and Benefits of Superfloss

Key Point Detail
Definition Interdental floss for deep cleaning
Recommended Use People with orthodontics, implants, bridges
Benefits Effective removal of debris and plaque
Environmental Aspect Choice of sustainable and responsible products
Points of Sale Purchase online or in specialized stores

Superfloss: Advanced Cleaning for a Healthy Smile

We are committed to providing our customers with oral hygiene products that not only help maintain a healthy mouth but are also environmentally friendly. It is with this spirit that we promote the use of Superfloss, an essential tool for anyone seeking impeccable oral hygiene.

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What is Superfloss?

It is a special interdental floss, distinguished by its structure with a stiffer part that facilitates entry between dental spaces and a softer part, ideal for gentle yet thorough cleaning. Superfloss is particularly suitable for those with orthodontic appliances, implants, dental bridges, or wide interdental spaces.

Superfloss Usage Instructions

  1. Take about 45 cm of Superfloss.
  2. Insert the stiffer end where necessary.
  3. Wrap the floss around your index finger for better maneuverability.
  4. Use the soft part for effective cleaning.

Choosing Sustainable Products

In the context of growing environmental awareness, we emphasize the value of eco-friendly products like the promis floss, a natural and vegan interdental floss. It is a sustainable option that ensures effective cleaning without negative impacts on the environment.

Where to Find Superfloss

Our Superfloss is available both on our online site and at selected retailers. For a wider range, we invite you to visit our mouthwash and floss section where you will find a variety of choices to meet your oral hygiene and wellness needs.

We also offer a complete selection of oral care products, such as eco-friendly toothbrushes, available in our toothbrushes section, and convenient subscription kits, viewable in the promis subscription kits section.

For any information or advice, do not hesitate to contact us. The main goal for us at promis care is to take care of your oral health in a conscious and responsible way.

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Remember, regular use of Superfloss can make a difference in preventing common oral problems and promoting a healthier mouth. Trust in quality and environmentally friendly products like those we offer at promis care.

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