Sustainable oral hygiene and what it means for us

Sustainable oral hygiene and what it means for us

Your dental and gum health is our top priority. Choosing a toothbrush should first and foremost be a decision in favor of your oral health. Sustainability is not a trend for us, but is present in every stage of our decisions.

That's why we are committed to finding the right raw material that is not only sustainable, but also safe.


The handle of the promis brush is made of lignin, a by-product of the paper industry, with about 50 tons produced every year worldwide. It is a by-product that is, so to speak, recycled. Water-repellent, long-lasting antibacterial.

Sugar cane

Our tubes are made from the waste of sugar cane production, a renewable resource. The plant captures CO2 during its growth and reduces emissions of polluting gases.

Bottiglie PET

For the mouthwash, we opted for a PET bottle. 1. it is 100% recyclable, 2. it is lightweight and unbreakable. Glass was not an option as it is too heavy and we cannot guarantee safety during transportation.

Recycled plastic

The dental floss itself and its case are made from recycled plastic, extracted from Italian plastic bottles.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients

We don't just limit ourselves to a well-considered choice of materials, we have also selected the ingredients with great care. Our products are completely natural, vegan and certified organic (ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC & AIAB), as well as packaged with eco-friendly materials and produced in Europe.

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