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Thanks to 30 years of experience, we have developed our products in collaboration with our network of dentists and dental hygienists to meet the needs of your teeth.

Natural | Organic

Only the best for your mouth. We use only certified natural and organic ingredients to protect your teeth, gums, and the environment


Sustainability is not a trend. Our products are made with recycled plant-based materials and only with natural and vegan ingredients.


Why can't a toothbrush be a great piece of furniture? Not only visually appealing, but also efficient.

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Daniela. M

I have bleeding gums, I tried this mouthwash, I looked for a natural one, and I am finding it very good. The gums are no longer bleeding, I use it twice a day and it is also very pleasant to use because it has a very fresh and pleasant mint flavor. I will buy it again.


I started buying the gel, along with the Promis toothbrush and toothpaste, in order to reduce my problems with dental plaque and tartar. I used the product for about six months before writing a review. It should be noted that the gel can be easily distributed using the soft Promis toothbrush, and the excellent "fresh" taste it leaves in the mouth. After six months of use, I received excellent feedback from my dental hygienist who complimented the excellent condition of my gums. Although the price is a bit high, I will continue to buy it because I am fully satisfied.


Since I started using promis products, I can't use other toothpastes or toothbrushes. I have become so accustomed that if I use another product now, it hurts. Other toothpastes are extremely pungent and their ingredients leave much to be desired. Other toothbrushes are too hard and make my gums bleed. I can't go back. Thank you for this insight @promis


I was a bit skeptical; a gel to use after brushing your teeth, but I must say I am satisfied. Pure freshness and smooth teeth. The other products are also really great! Recommended!


Easy to use thanks to the shape of the handle, the head is wide enough, I was used to thinner heads, so it cleans more surface but very gently. Recommended


This dental floss is really useful. It is very easy to carry and store, as it can be placed anywhere to be used at any time.

I recommend it, I liked it a lot.


Great products of good quality


Gentle but effective! Soothes sensitive gums


Soft toothbrushes, but at the same time effective in cleaning.


Excellent, completely vegan, natural, ecological. Added to the vegan, organic, natural toothpastes that I have been using regularly for many years.


Very good!!! It doesn't break, has good interdental passage! Releases a good mint flavor!

Amazon customer

Excellent. Recommended by my dentist


Since I started using them, I no longer have swelling and bleeding gums!! I have already bought more for backup


Dental floss glides wonderfully between interdental spaces and is the perfect thickness. A very good product. I will buy it again and have also recommended it to my family.

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Customize, subscribe and save

Customize, subscribe, and save

Be inspired by healthy teeth and love for nature

Be inspired by healthy teeth and love for nature

This is not "just another" start-up. Led by sister and brother, we are the youngest member of a group that has been operating in the dental sector for 30 years.

And why did we decide to produce oral hygiene products? Simply because there are no products on the market that have truly satisfied us.

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Our promise

Our promise

Promis is a promise of sustainability, both to the ecosystem of mother nature and to that of our oral cavity. This is where environmental sensitivity, a new idea, and the know-how of the dental hygiene world come together.

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