La Guida Definitiva all'Igiene Orale per Denti Sensibili

The Ultimate Guide to Oral Hygiene for Sensitive Teeth


We at Promis believe in health and well-being, and this includes taking care of your mouth. For those with sensitive teeth, we know how important it is to choose the right products. Today we want to share our best products and some tips for a healthy and happy mouth.

Key Points

Products Benefits
Promis Brush Gentle on gums, eco-friendly
Promis Paste without fluoride Effective cleaning, natural formulation
Promis Gel Protects against tartar and cavities
Promis Wash Ideal completion of your routine
Promis Floss Gentle interdental cleaning

Top Products for Sensitive Teeth

1. Promis Brush Single Black Ocean

Promis Brush Single Black Ocean
A soft and environmentally friendly toothbrush. Perfect for a deep clean that doesn't irritate teeth and gums.

2. Promis Paste without fluoride

Promis Paste without fluoride
A toothpaste that ensures effective cleaning without harsh substances, ideal for daily use.

3. Promis Gel

Promis Gel
Helps fight tartar and cavities with a gentle formula, perfect for keeping teeth and gums healthy.

4. Promis Wash

Promis Wash
This mouthwash with vitamins A, C, and E offers long-lasting freshness and protection for sensitive teeth.

5. Promis Floss

Promis Floss
Our eco-friendly dental floss gently cleans the spaces between teeth, preserving oral health.

Data Visualization: The Importance of Choice

We have created a visualization to demonstrate how natural products, like those from Promis, can be effective and gentle, ideal for those with sensitive teeth.

Oral Care Products Data Visualization


Choosing oral hygiene products suitable for sensitive teeth is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. Promis products are designed to offer maximum effectiveness with minimal aggressiveness, ensuring a sustainable oral hygiene routine. Remember, taking care of your teeth means taking care of yourself.

Visit our website to discover more products and tips. Cultivating a healthy smile starts with the right choice – choose Promis.

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