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Home Remedies for Canker Sores

Summary Table:

Home Remedy Benefit Related Products
Natural Toothpaste Oral hygiene maintenance promis paste without fluoride
Dental Gel Protection from tartar and cavities promis gel
Natural Mouthwash Relief for teeth and gums promis wash

Natural Remedies for Canker Sores: Discover How

Canker sores in the mouth can be very annoying due to the pain they cause during simple daily actions like eating and talking. Fortunately, there are home remedies that can offer relief and promote rapid healing.

Home Remedies

Coconut Oil

Benefits: An effective remedy is the application of coconut oil, known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Water and Salt

Benefits: Homemade mouthwash with water and salt leverages the disinfectant properties of salt.


Benefits: Chamomile, used as tea or as a compress, helps to calm inflammation.

Aloe Vera

Benefits: Direct application of aloe vera on the canker sore reduces pain and inflammation.

Oral Hygiene with Natural Products

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential to prevent canker sores. Using natural and gentle toothpastes, like promis paste without fluoride, supports mouth health without irritating sensitive areas.

promis paste without fluoride

Additionally, to protect against tartar, which could worsen canker sores, we recommend promis gel, a gel that fights tartar and cavities, essential for good daily oral hygiene.

promis gel

Don't forget to complete the routine with an appropriate mouthwash. promis wash, our natural and organic mouthwash, helps keep gums healthy and offers relief for sensitive teeth and gums.

promis wash mouthwash

General Tips

  • Irritating Foods: Avoid spicy or acidic foods, reduce stress, and follow a balanced diet.
  • Further Information: For more details on oral hygiene and specific products like toothbrushes and dental floss, visit our dedicated section.

We are pleased to offer you these tips based on our experience and knowledge in the field of oral hygiene. We hope they can help you manage these annoying ulcers and promote greater health for your mouth. Follow us for more informative articles and product updates.

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