Rimedi Naturali al Mal di Denti: La Soluzione di Promis

Natural Remedies for Toothache: Promis Solution

Key Points Details
Sustainable Products Toothpaste, dental gel, and mouthwash Promis
Oral Health Benefits Natural ingredients that prevent toothache
Eco-friendly Approach Environmentally friendly packaging and ingredients
Complete Solutions Products for a complete oral hygiene routine


Toothache can strike anyone, unexpectedly. What to do if you find yourself in this situation? Before rushing to the pharmacy, why not consider natural remedies?

Promis Products for Oral Health

At Promis, we believe in a natural and sustainable approach to oral health and overall well-being. Our products are made with natural ingredients, avoiding harsh chemicals.

  1. Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste "Promis Paste"

Designed for gentle oral hygiene, our Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste is perfect for those looking for an effective yet environmentally friendly product. You can find more details on the Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste "Promis Paste" in our product range.

  1. Natural Dental Gel "Promis Gel"

Our Natural Dental Gel provides relief for sensitive gums and prevents toothache. Visit the Natural Dental Gel "Promis Gel" to learn about all the benefits.

  1. Natural and Organic Mouthwash "Promis Wash"

With ingredients that refresh and protect, our Natural and Organic Mouthwash is the ideal ally for your oral hygiene. Learn more about the Natural and Organic Mouthwash "Promis Wash".

Additionally, we offer the Eco-friendly Dental Floss "Promis Floss" and the Dental Routine Kit "Promis Kit Single" for complete oral care, preventing issues that can lead to toothache.


By embracing Promis natural products, you will not only find relief from toothache in the short term but also contribute to a long-term solution for the health of your smile and the environment.

Promis is commitment and care towards a sustainable lifestyle and optimal oral health. Learn more about our products and philosophy on the Promis website.

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