La Chiave per un Sorriso Senza Carie - promis gel

The Key to a Cavity-Free Smile - promis gel

As we venture into 2024, prioritizing your oral health has never been more important. We have the product you've been waiting for: promis gel, the first natural dental gel with organic essential oils, recommended by dental hygienists for its extraordinary ability to effectively combat plaque bacteria.

A New Year, a Healthier Smile

Make this year a time of transformative resolutions, especially for your oral health. promis gel is ready to redefine your dental care routine, offering a solution to achieve a plaque-free smile and prevent cavities.

Why Trust promis gel?

Natural Ingredients: promis gel is carefully crafted with organic essential oils, a natural powerhouse against plaque bacteria. It is a chemical-free solution for a healthier smile.

Recommended by Dental Hygienists: Dental hygienists recommend promis gel for its effectiveness in destroying and removing plaque, promoting optimal oral health.

Cavity Prevention: In addition to plaque removal, promis gel actively works to prevent cavities, ensuring a lasting impact on your oral well-being.

Anytime, Anywhere!

After a Snack or Lunch: Apply promis gel after lunch to refresh your mouth and remove plaque bacteria without the need to brush your teeth.

After Brushing Your Teeth: Use promis gel after brushing for an extra layer of protection and a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

After Coffee: Counteract the effects of coffee stains by applying promis gel after your coffee break, promoting a brighter smile.

Ideal for Oral Hygiene on the Go: Put promis gel in your bag and take it with you wherever you go. Its compact size makes it the ideal companion for oral hygiene on the move.

Suitable for Various Dental Needs

For Dental Crowns, Implants, Crossed Teeth, and Fixed Braces: promis gel is ideal for those with dental crowns, implants, or fixed braces, ensuring comprehensive care.

Against Bad Breath: Effectively combat bad breath with the refreshing properties of promis gel, ensuring confidence in every conversation.

Make promis gel Your Dental Care Resolution

Embrace a year of excellent oral health by incorporating promis gel into your daily routine. The natural ingredients and refreshing sensation make it a delightful addition to your dental care regimen.

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