Soluzioni Biologiche per il Digrignamento dei Denti

Biological Solutions for Teeth Grinding


Key Points

Aspect Detail
Biological Solutions Natural approaches to counter teeth grinding
Featured Products Promis Gel, Promis Paste Without Fluoride, Promis Wash, Promis Floss
Benefits Improved oral health without the use of harsh chemicals
Lifestyles Promotion of sustainable choices and long-term health
Promis Commitment Effective and environmentally friendly products

Introduction: The Problem of Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is an issue that can cause pain, wear, and other dental problems. Although often linked to stress, the search for biological solutions offers new hope for a more natural and gentle approach to our bodies.

Promis Products: Biological Solutions in Action

Promis Gel: The Power of Nature against Tartar and Cavities

Promis Gel

For those seeking a natural yet effective alternative, Promis Gel offers a biological solution against tartar and cavity formation, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Promis Paste Without Fluoride: Gentle but Powerful

Promis Paste Without Fluoride

A natural toothpaste that respects both oral health and the environment. Discover Promis Paste Without Fluoride for eco-friendly oral hygiene.

Complements for a Complete Action

Oral hygiene is a journey; in addition to toothpaste, Promis Wash and Promis Floss complete the biological routine, enriching it with vitamins and vegan options.

Promis Wash

Promis Floss

Long-Term Benefits and Sustainable Commitment

Adopting biological solutions in the treatment of teeth grinding not only improves our oral health but also promotes a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. At Promis, we are committed to providing products that are truly earth-friendly, allowing you to take care of yourself and the planet.

Conclusion: The Promis Promise

We reaffirm our commitment to offering advanced biological solutions that do not compromise effectiveness for gentleness. Sustainable oral hygiene is possible, and Promis is here to accompany you on this journey towards a greener future and better health.

For a complete journey in sustainable oral hygiene, explore all the solutions on

Respect your smile, respect the planet.

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