Gli oli essenziali aiutano contro il mal di denti?

Essential oils help with toothache?

For some time now, essential oils have gained great popularity in dental care products. Thanks to their natural effectiveness, dental disorders can be reduced and prevented. But what are essential oils and where do they come from?

Essential oils are volatile substances produced by plants not only to promote their own growth but also to repel parasites and thus protect themselves from diseases. These can be found in flowers, stems or bark, leaves or needles, and twigs or roots.

The Romans already knew and used the power of essential oils for certain treatments. Essential oils work through our sense of smell and taste, our respiratory system as well as our skin and nervous system. Any stimulus applied to one of these senses triggers an impulse that then influences our body, as well as our psyche.

If we absorb essential oils through the skin, for example with toothpaste in promis paste or promis gel, they promote wound healing, relieve pain, and have a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect. Essential oils can also be used for antiseptic treatment of the gums. They support wound healing, care for and soothe mucous membranes, and inhibit plaque formation. Additionally, they can provide relief for gum diseases, fungal infections, small wounds, or oral diseases such as herpes or canker sores.

Dosage plays an important role in this case. Light dosages have more effect on the psyche, medium or higher dosages can also kill germs. This is also demonstrated by our laboratory study on promis gel: the unique formula of 6 different essential oils kills up to 70% of bacteria in plaque and thus protects oral health naturally. Tartar formation is inhibited and the risk of cavities and gingivitis is minimized. Especially in the fight against bacterial germs such as candida, streptococci, and staphylococci, the use of essential oils is recommended for gentle inflammation treatment.

Here you will find the individual superpowers of our applied essential oils:


Eucalyptus fights bacteria in the mouth that lead to cavities and gum diseases, keeping gums and teeth strong.


The antibacterial properties of tea tree essential oil help control bacteria in the mouth, cavities, and plaque formation. It is also a natural remedy for bad breath.


Neem oil helps improve teeth, gums, and overall oral health. It is an extraordinary Indian plant, also called the toothbrush tree, considered sacred and medicinal.


Peppermint is found in almost all oral hygiene products because it has a very fresh effect. It also kills bad bacteria in the oral cavity.


It is a natural disinfectant against bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque.


Bergamot helps kill oral germs and protects teeth and gums.

Conclusion: it has been shown that essential oils help protect our teeth and gums from oral diseases, thus maintaining our oral health naturally. They are also capable of reducing existing oral diseases.

Try it yourself: and try our promis paste and promis gel products with essential oils.

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