Ridefinire l'Uso dell'Acqua nella Tua Routine di Cura Orale

Redefine the Use of Water in Your Oral Care Routine

While World Water Day invites us to reflect on our water consumption, let's reconsider our oral care routine.

Water, a precious resource, is often used excessively during tooth brushing. However, what if we told you that you could significantly reduce your water consumption without compromising oral health?

In this article, we will explore a mindful approach to water use in your oral care routine, redefining traditional norms for a more sustainable and eco-friendly practice.


The Hidden Water Waste in Oral Care:

Conventional wisdom dictates a constant flow of water during tooth brushing - a deeply ingrained habit that can contribute to significant water waste. On the occasion of World Water Day, we challenge this norm and introduce a more mindful approach to water use in our daily oral care routine.

Contrary to common practice, a constant flow of water is not necessary during tooth brushing. In fact, only a minimal amount of water is required for the actual brushing process. Applying toothpaste directly to the toothbrush without wetting it beforehand not only conserves water but also allows the toothpaste to adhere more effectively.

No Rinsing During Brushing

Here's the game-changer: water is not necessary to rinse your mouth or toothbrush during or after the brushing process. Simply brush thoroughly and let the toothpaste do its job. This mindful choice significantly reduces water usage.

If you feel the need to rinse after brushing, consider using promis wash, our sustainable and refreshing mouthwash. It not only provides the desired freshness but also aligns with your commitment to water conservation.

promis oral care stands as a beacon of sustainability, offering products designed to harmonize oral health with eco-sustainable practices. From natural toothpaste to promis wash mouthwash, our line allows you to make a positive impact on both your oral health and the environment.


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